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Sarel Media & Productions provides you with a full production package in Israel . We specialize at working with clients from the Christian world and provide services beginning with the pre production research and conceptualizing, through the final phase of post production.


Scouting, permits, consulting, coordinating…


Professional crew, top gear, interviews, documentaries…


Editing, graphics, voice over…

Sar-El - Media & Production

sar-el media & production

Latest Projects

The Sar-El Academy

The academy, featuring Reuven Doron along with Sar-Els’ top, local tour guides, is the educational division of Sar-El Tours and a service to our valued clients. Sar-El academy will take …

Erick Stakelbeck | The Watchman

Always an honor to work with Erick Stakelbeck on his show The Watchman, here in Israel. On this episode, he travels Israel’s legendary Dead Sea by boat to see how …

Paul Wilbur | Roar From Zion

We produced a series of 3 concerts for a live album and DVD for Paul’s new album “Roar From Zion” Paul Wilbur at the Pavillion a live Sar-El Media production